Heliamphora, the Marsh Pitchers
Simple, yet elegant in form, Heliamphora are found primarily on the table-top mountains, "Tepuis" of Venezuela. Many species exist and a number of these have only recently been discovered and named. The pitchers have a drain hole partway up the "seam" (ala) of the pitcher. This hole allows excess water to drain out. Beautiful, bell-shaped flowers appear on long stems. Flowers range from pink to white.
Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor

Normally reach from 3-5 inches tall. This hybrid is considered one of the easiest to grow and it performs well under fluorescent plant lights and in terrariums. The reduced lid is called a "Nectar Spoon" by most growers. Like most "Marsh Pitcher Plants" the best coloration develops with bright, diffuse light and cool conditions.

Care information for Heliamphora

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